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In Mykolayiv, journalists denied to get access to information about candidates for election

A journalist for news agency Tut.Info Yuriy Cheremis, was denied to get an access to public information on candidates from the united territorial community in village Stantsiyne, of Novobuzhsky district in Mykolaiv region. He could not get to know, whether the ballot papers were ready, as the journalist told himself to the IMI regional correspondent.

On June 24, Yuri Cheremis arrived at the polling station, where the chairman of the commission Melnychenko Nataliya Petrovna was on duty. As he got in, the chairman of the commission remarked he could not take pictures there. So the journalist named himself and explained he was the journalist and presented his press card. But the chairperson was reluctant, she refused to provide any information about the candidates.

The journalist says that furtherly, the chairperson of the commission  withdrew her claims to him

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