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In Mykolaiv, journalists were not admitted to oblast council session for some time. Police refutes obstruction allegations.

On March 29 in Mykolaiv, police did not allow journalists to the assembly hall of the oblast council, where dismissal of head of Oblast State Administration, Oleksiy Savchenko. This was reported to IMI representative by journalist of local media outlet “Shypovnyk”, Ivan Kazora.

According to him, journalist of “NikVesti” Yulia Akimova also was not admitted for the session. The journalist says that the police at the door, after admitting about 10 activists, stopped them for about 10 minutes. Communications officer of the local police department, Olena Berezhna, explained that the delay was due to security reasons, as many activists wanted to get into the building and crowded the entrance.

The session of Mykolaivska oblast council was guarded by several hundred police officers, as there was a proposal to suspend Savchenko from his position of the head of the administration for the time of investigation of suicide of former director of Mykolaiv airport, Vladyslav Voloshyn, as there were allegations that he might be related to it.

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