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In Kyiv, unidentified people set journalists’ car on fire

On May 22 in Kyiv, unidentified people set on fire the car belonging to the journalist of the TV channels, and placed three hryvnias under his wiper. This was reported by “Kyiv Operatyvnyi“.

The incident took place at Polkova street. The signal about the fire was received by fire department, medics and police around midnight.

The owner of the car managed to put out the fire by himself before the fire brigade arrived.

Based on preliminary information, it was an arson. The owner of the car reported that he is a journalist and he said that the arson could be related to his professional activites.

The police is investigating the case.

As IMI managed to clarify, the car that was damaged belongs to the cameraman of Channel 4 (until recently known as RTI), Sviatoslav Kinal.

As Sviatoslav Kinal explained to IMI, he thinks that the crime was almost certainly related to his professional activities. He has his suspicions about who did it, based on the banknotes purposefully left under the wiper, but currently prefers not to make his suspicions public.

Kinal says police established the fact that it was an intentional arson.

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