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In Kyiv, journalist of was not allowed to take photos after accident in supermarket

On March 4 in Kyiv, security guard of supermarket “Velyka Kyshenia” was obstructing photographing to the correspondent of online media outlet Anna Sytnik, and tried to pry off cell phone from her hands. Anna Sytnyk reported to IMI about this.

According to Facebook publication of the media outlet, in supermarket at 14 Liatoshynskyi street, supermarket visitor slipped  on slippery stairs when he was coming down from the second floor. Ambulance was called to the site, and he was hospitalized

As Sytnyk described it to IMI, she was taking pictures of paramedics working when a female security guard started forbidding her to photograph.

“I came up (to the security guard – ed.) and showed my journalist ID, then returned and started photographing. She ran up to me and started asking who I was. I showed her my ID again. I said that it was a public place, and she started saying it was private property and that I do not have a right to photograph there. She was trying to obstruct the photographing, and wanted to grab my cell phone, but I dodged”, Anna Sytnyk said.

When the accident victim was taken away, the journalist left the site, and the conflict ended there.

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