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In Cherkasy, police officer obstructed journalist who recorded fight of fans and police at soccer match

On May 19 in Cherkasy, freelance journalist MAriya Holub, who was taking footage for TV channel “112 Ukraina”, was obstructed by a police officer and stadium administration representative. Maria Holub reported this to IMI.

According to her, the incident occurred when she was recording the fight between soccer fans and police at the Central Stadium. The man who later was identified as criminal investigator from Cherkasy tried violently pry off her press ID that was hanging on her neck, saying that the journalist does not have a right to record there without accreditation (which is not true). The men who were after the journalist later left her along, and the stadium administration apologized for the incident.

The journalist did not file an official complaint to the police as she is not sure that the police will investigate it in a comprehensive manner.

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