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Embassy of Ukraine in UK demanded The Times to correct phrase “civil war in Ukraine

The Embassy of Ukraine in Great Britain addressed a demand to The Times demanding to correct the phrase “civil war in Ukraine” in one of its stories, as to Evropeyska Pravda.

“On the fifth year of war with Russia, it is unfortunate, we have to remind The Times, a leading source that there is no civil war in Ukraine, but direct Russian aggression resulted in annexation of Crimea and war in Donbas, where Ukrainian soldiers fight against 40-thousands strong Russian army. Correct the story immediately!”

The Ambassador of Ukraine to UK addressed as well a letter to the autor who signed the article Chris Smyth, editor of health section in The Times. The inexactitude appeared in the article covering the measles February 8th. The author said one of the disease spreading in Ukraine is “civil war in Ukraine”.

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