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Civil movement CHESNO claimed being hacked

The civil movemement CHESNO claimed that since more than one month its web-site has been facing multiple hacker attacks, as they informed of on its web-site. The hackers made attempts to block to voters the access to information of public importance regarding the candidates for the presidency. The web-site of CHESNO receive 150 thousands of malicious inquiries.

Overnight into March 9, the web-sites of the movement became out of reach (domains and * for several hours long. This was an effect of DDOS-attacks, that hackers had been prepared throughough February.

“We promptly reacted to this and resumed access to our web-site for users. We needed 30 minutes to do it. We were surprised to see the defense system of the web-site is facing the attempts to hack since more than one month. Hackers are sending daily more one hundred of thousands fake client inquiries to web-pages of CHESNO. The most of them came from USA, Netherlands, France and China”, as IT-experts of CHESNO said. Th hacker attacks took place on February 15-16 (493 and 498 thousands of inquiries daily), March 4th 9456 thousands of inquiries) and March 5th 9448 inquiries).

CHESNO is a civil movement aimed at encouraging transparency and accountability of the public authorities.

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