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At the action of protest against the sentence to Krysin, editor-in-chief of “” was spit on

In Kyiv, activist of the movement “С14”, Yevhen Karas’, spit on editor-in-chief of the online media outlet “Strana.uа” Ihor Huzhva, who came to Maidan Nezalezhnosti for the action, the participants of which demand to imprison Yuriy Krysin, who is an accused in the case of murder of the journalist of newspaper “Vesti” Vyacheslav Veremiy in February of 2014, “Ukrainska pravda” reports.

As the media outlet informs, when they saw Huzhva, one of the participants of the action, Yevhen Karas’, accused him of protecting hired thugs during the Maidan events, and spit on him, telling him to get away.

After this, Huzhva left the site.

Later he in his Facebook entry compared the people who were yelling and spitting on him with those who murdered Veremiy.

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