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“1+1” TV journalists assaulted while filming story in Vinnytsya

The journalists for the “1+1” TV channel were assaulted by representatives of a kindergarten ‘Amadeya” in Vinnytsya while filming a regular story for the project ”Inspector. Cities”, as to Vezha. The TV crew was going to film a story about the sphere of city education. Volodymyr Ostapchuk tried to get in the territory of a private kindergarten “Amadeya” in Vinnystya. The administration of the kindergarten closed the entry at first, than two guards of a robust constitution tried by force to drive the journalists out of the “private territory”, as they said. The journalists told they had right to film it at the territory of an educational institution, as to the law in vigour. Volodymyr Ostapchuk called the police, but those ones failed to interfere and to ensure that the journalists could be able to their job.

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