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Movement “Media for conscious choice” to be presented on 5 February

On the 5th of February a movement “Media for conscious choice” is to be presented in the Ukrinform news agency at 3 p.m. The prominent mass media, TV channels, radio stations, media NGOs launched a movement which is aimed to provide the citizens with the possibilities to elect the head of state, the parliament on the ground of complete and truthful information.

Initiators: UA:Pershyy TV channel, Ukraynske radio, National news agency UKrinform, Independent media council, Commission on journalistic ethics, Detektor Media, Institute of Mass Information, Center for democracy and supremacy of right, Internews-Ukraine, Hromadska radio,, Dzerkalo tyzhnya weekly newspaper and others/

Organizer: NGO Detektor Media

When: on 5th of February, from 3 to 4 p.m.

Where: Kyiv, the Ukrinform news agency, 8/16, B. Khmelnytsky street, ground floor.

The simultaneous translation into English will be provided.

All representatives of international organizations, NGOs and mass media are invited to attend it.

The meeting is to be taken with support of Internews Network.

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