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Volyn police probed in 4 criminal cases related to journalists’ rights – IMI correspondent met police in Volyn region

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This year, the Volyn police investigated four criminal proceedings over the incidents involving violation of the journalists’ rights, as the acting chief of the police in Volyn region Oleksandr Klimovsky during the meeting with the regional correspondent of the NGO the “Institute of Mass Information” Mayia Golub. This is reported on the website of the National Police in the Volyn region.
The progress within investigations of the offenses committed against the mass media employees and the prospects of cooperation with the regional representative of IMI were discussed during this meeting.

“This year, the Volyn police investigated three criminal proceedings over the cases of obstruction to journalistic activity (Art. 171 of the Criminal Code). Another criminal case was probed regarding part 2 of the article 345-1 of the Criminal Code – threat or violence against the journalist “, – Alexander Klimovsky said.

Besides that, they spoke of protection of journalistic rights, as it is guaranteed by the law of Ukraine.

Last year, the police in the region investigated nine criminal proceedings related to obstruction of journalists rights. As to Klymosvky, investigation of offenses related to obstruction to mprofessional activities of journalists is under permanent control of the police direction in the region.

The meeting was held at the main directorate of the National police in the region on the initiative of the Institute of Mass Information.

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