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Two Ukrainian human rights advocates deported from Kazakhstan – IMI expert

Фото –

Two detained in Kazakhstan human rights advocates Lyudmyla Voloshyna and Valeriy Yavtushenko had been exercising functions as observers of the Italian Federation for Human Rights (IFHR), they were deported on February 15th, as Iryna Zemlana, media expert on security of journalists said commenting on the incident to Hromadske.

“At night, without any assistance of legal counsel, nor having heard any witness, the proceedings before court took place. And now they took flight to Kyiv. The mobiles were given up just before boarding. This is deportation” , as Iryna Zemlana told.

IMI reported earlier, February 14th, Natalia Panchenko, volunteer of the Italian Federation for Human Rights informed of detention in Astana (Kazakhstan) her college Lyudmyla Voloshyna.
The IFHR representatives consider the detention was linked to the case of Kazakh judge Malik Kenzhaliev who had been fired and was under pressure due to a sentence which would be “embarrassing for Kazakhstan authorities”.

Also it was reported that another Ukrainian observer Valeriy Yavtoushenko was detained in Astana together with his counsel Tolegen Shaikov.

Vasyl Kyrylych, deputy director general of the Department of consular support confirmed the report on detention of both human rights advocates and citizens of Ukraine in Astana.

“Detained persons who are citizens of Ukraine remain at the migration service. The measures of consular protection are to be put in place”.

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