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OSCE met IMI correspondent in Mykolaiv region, leader of violations of press freedom

On February 23rd, Tetyana Lokatska, IMI correspondent in Mykolaiv region, answered to questions of the OSCE experts on the situation around the press freedom in the region. One should remind, the region of Mykolaiv takes leading positions in the monthly survey held by IMI (Barometer of freedom of speech) as to violations committed against the press freedom in Ukraine.

OSCE experts and IMI correspondent discussed the activity of the journalists in the region and the issue of access to public information and replies from authorities to the inquiry ldemands from the journalists. The issues of privatization of municipal press was discussed as well. The parties were agree to cooperate in the future.

In 2018, IMI revealed 235 facts of violations to press freedom in the non-occupied territory of Ukraine. The region of Mykolaiv took 2nd place (after Kyiv) by number of breaches (16 facts). The region of Mykolaiv is in top five the third year.

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