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IMI’s lawyer held a public information workshop for public officials

Photo credits: institutions organizers of the workshop –

On June 4th, the lawyer of the Institute of mass media Ali Safarov held a workshop on access to public information for public officials.

The training was attended by 30 public officials working at different departments of central government and local government, who are charged to deal with public information, in particular provide access to public information.

The legal expert explained the civil servants what was the importance of access to public information, explained some provisions of law, access procedures during four hours workshop.

Also Ali Safarov analyzed several specific cases on access to information that the participants cited and provided recommendations how to proceed in the future.

“The workshop was very important and useful for the participants. Since government officials often try to invent the reasons for denial of access to public information instead of comply with the request of information. Actually, the workshop made it clear that it is more efficient to provide an information in due time upon the request and to comply with the procedure and order, as it is stipulated by the law. The answer to the request should be given notwithstanding the purpose they are going to use it and if it meets the provisions of the law – it will be impossible to use it for some damage, “commented a lawyer.

The workshop was held by request of the Kyiv City Center for retraining and employees of state agencies, local governments, public enterprises, institutions and organizations.

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