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Fraudulent news resources litter media space and confuse readers – IMI expert

The internet resources which are divulgating the fraudulent news are often called “toilet water tanks”, they do litter the media space and confuse readers, as Olena Churanova, IMI media expert told interviewed by

“These web-sites started extensively evolving against the background of Russian news war, because various fake news have been diffused through these sites. Some of them are transmuted into the real editorial offices, such as or Politnavigator. But coming under a closer look these web-sites publish a number of fake news. Furthermore, there is a whole network of web-sites which are republishing and diffusing the fraudulent content. Among the recently emerging ones are and Politeka. They divulgate not so much of fakes news, but a lot of manipulative information. All these resources are littering the media space and are confusing the readers. There is so much of content, so that we don’t know whom to trust. And this is one of propaganda tasks, to do in a way that we could not trust anyone, we could not understand where there is the truth and where there is a lie”, as to Olena Churanova.

The expert took note that such resources are popular sources of information. “I even see people are often reading it in transport. These resources often have recourse to lure its readers by titles such as “The picture which is to change your life”, “This news is to turn upside-down your world”. They are good in optimizing by web search query, they pay to ensure promotion, and play with emotions and favorite topics, such as fear, death and sex. Unfortunatedly, it ascertains the low level of media literacy of population who consume these news”, as to expert.
The only way to prevent it, is to develop the media literacy. “One should develop the media literacy, to look through the fact-checking sites, to check whether those web-sites are cited in disclaimers. If a web-site was caught for several times in spreading fake news, one should avoid reading it. No one will take care of information safety, except of you, one has to do it oneself”.

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