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Antisemitic and racist comment of correspondent for “Holos Ukrainy” has to be considered by CJE and IMC – Oksana Romanyuk

Unacceptable and unethical is statement made by Vasyl Cheprurny, correspondent for state newspaper “Holos Ukrainy” in Chernihiv region, as Oksana Romanyuk, Executive director of the Institute of mass information said, interviewed by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

“This is unacceptable not only from the point of view of the journalistic ethics, but from the point of view of human ethics. This is a hatred language, and the journalists have to be very careful with it, because they influence public opinion, ” Oksana Romanyuk said.

In her opinion, the Commission on journalism ethics and the Independent media council ought to respond to this incident.

IMI informed, on June 9th, Vasyl Chepurny, correspondent for the “Holos Ukrainy” in Chernihiv, wrote an antisemitic and racist post on his Facebook page on Jean Belenyuk, a candidate for presidential election from the “People’s Servant” party.

On June 10, the editorial office of the newspaper “Voice of Ukraine” apologized for the incorrect statements of its own correspondent in the Chernihiv region Vasyl Chepurny on Jean Belenyuk and said they considered the issue of Chepurny’s employement.

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