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Andriy Bratushchak entered the Independent media council by IMI quota

The journalist Andriy Bratushchak became a member of the Independent media council by IMI quota. At the same time, one of members of the council quitted the council of his own free will.

Oleksiy Bratushchak is journalist and columnist for Ukrayinska Pravda and for weekly program “Details” on TV channel ZIK. Earlier, he worked for 5 years at the 5th TV Channel.

He replaced Diana Dutsyk, media expert and lecturer.

Another media expert and lawyer Oleksander Burmagin announced he would quit the Council, of his own free will as well.

The Independent media council has been found at the end of 2015 by prominent media and NGOs (Detektor media, Institute of mass Information, Internews-Ukraine, Foundation “Sociaslity” and Center for democracy and supremacy of right. It is an institution which role is to survey controversial situations as to breaches to media law, international standards of coverage in mass media and breaches to standards of journalistic ethics and to provide advice to journalistic community.

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