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Freedom of Press Barometer

Data from the beginning of 2019

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IMI team

Oksana Romaniuk, executive director

Expert in the spheres of freedom of press, media policy, professional standards of journalism, ethics and communication


Roman Golovenko, head of the legal department

Expert in the sphere of standards of journalism and media law

Olena Golub, head of the monitoring department

Expert in the spheres of analysis of media content, standards of journalism, jeansa, propaganda and spinning, coverage of conflict and conflict-affected populations, hate speech in mass media

Kateryna Diachuk, head of the department of monitoring of freedom of press, website editor

Expert in the sphere of monitoring of violations of freedom of press and journalists’ rights in Ukraine

Iryna Zemlyana, coordinator of the network of regional representatives, trainer on security

Expert in the spheres of security in conflict-affected areas, gender, and LGBT

Yana Mashkova, specialist in infographics and campaigns, SMM manager, coordinator of the gender database of experts

Expert in the sphere of gender in media

Dmytro Dudka, IT specialist