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ZIK demands from “Brotherhood” to remove the blockade and refutes allegations that the channel was purchased by Medvedchuk

TV channel ZIK demands from the representatives of the organization Dmytro Korchynskyi’s “Brotherhood” organization to remove the blockade of their office in Kyiv immediately. Also, ZIK refutes Korchynskyi’s information about purchasing of the TV channel by Viktor Medvedchuk. This information was published at the website of the TV channel.

As the channel reported, on March 28, from the start of the morning, activists of the “Brotherhood”, started constant picketing of the TV channel near the studio in the International center of culture and arts of the trade union federation of Ukraine, located at 1, Heavenly Hundred alley.

The TV channel pointed out that the leader of “Brotherhood” Dmytro Korchynskyi stated in his Facebook entry that he is ready to “destroy the channel”.

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