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Two streamers recording arrests of Crimean Tatars detained in Crimea

In Bakhchysarai, where the search of Crimean Tatar activist Tymur Ibragimov and other Crimean Tatars, two streamers who were video recording the investigative actions were detained. This was reported by Hromadske Radio, with reference to Facebook of the activist Osman Arifm.

“Now, at 14 Mira street, where the authorities search Tymur Ibragimov’s apartment, two streamers were taken, Amet Suleimanov and Alimdar. Soes it mean they started taking streamers – maybe they do not like their shady deeds are covered by decent people”, he wrote, attaching the video of the detention.

As it was reported earlier, during the arrests of Crimean activists, drones were constantly monitoring the area from the sky – most likely, FSB drones, but the supporters are obstructed if they try to record any footage.

In the morning of October 11, in Bakhchysarai, in several buildings of Crimean Tatars who are muslims, Russian enforcers are conducting searches. FSB accused them of terrorism.

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