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Renovated IMI website back online

On July 17, the renovated website of the Institute of Mass Information went online.

We tried to make the website user-friendly and interactive. Now, all information about IMI has been collected in one section “About Us” and systematized – it offers an outline of our mission and values, history, review the annual reports and see the faces of the entire IMI team.

Among the website’s novelties: a new section “Infographics”, where we are collecting all infographics to easier track the tendencies and not to miss out anything.

The section “Guidelines” has now all books written by IMI experts, as well as our partners. All research of jeansa, gender, journalist standards and other aspects of media outlets’ activities is collected in the section “Research”.

The website’s innovation is an interactive chart of major violations of journalists’ rights. Now you can see immediately on the first page how the main violations of freedom of press are changing every month throughout the year.

The section “Blogs” collects texts of all IMI representatives in the regions and covers current problems of local journalism of any given oblast.

We hope the new design of our website is now more user-friendly, offers a simple and easy way to search for information, which may be of interest for you.

We have been working on the website for several months and tried to make it as user-friendly as possible and we will be very grateful for letting us know about any inconveniences at email

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