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Police closed the case on obstruction to “Avers” journalists by employees of LLC “Tsunami”

The police closed criminal proceeding regarding obstruction to journalists of “Avers” by the representatives of LLC “Tsunami”, due to absence of substance of criminal offence, described in part 1 of article 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This was the content of the judgment on closing the criminal proceeding in the Ruzhyshchyn police department in Kivertsi rayon, Volyn oblast police administration, “Detector media” reports.

In the court resolution it is stated that in the process of pre-trial investigation it was clarified that their journalist IDs were not valid at the time of the visit in question, having lapsed on December 31, 2017, and, also, that the journalists did not show their journalist IDs when entering to the territory of LLC “Tsunami”.

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