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On’s editor-in-chief’s birthday, her phone attacked by unknown hackers

On July 8, on the birthday of Sonya Koshkina, the editor-in-chief of, her cellular phone was attacked by a large number of calls from unknown phone numbers. She reported this in her Facebook entry, informs.

According to her, her phone was under constant attack since 7 a.m. One of the first "greetings" was from “British investors”, directly related to the scandalous construction at “Sinnyi market”, she says.

Koshkina says the DDoS attack against and this attack against her phone are most likely related to her coverage of the mentioned development of the market area.

The journalist says that the people who probably organized the attack are former Vice Prosecutor General Anatoliy Danylenko, former member of Kyiv city council Hennadiy Ilyin, and former Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema. These people have their interest in development of the territory of the former Sinnyi market in Kyiv, claims.

For the context, as IMI reported earlier, on July 4 the online portal was under a powerful DDoS attack which paralyzed it for several hours.

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