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NGO representatives were not letting the journalist of “” to visit their conference

On October 7 in Vinnytsia, representatives of organizations close to the city council, were not letting the journalist of media outlet “” Iryna Basenko to visit the conference of NGO “Family of the Heavenly Hundred”. This was reported by Iryna Basenko to IMI.

According to Basenko, the editorial office of the media outlet did not receive from the organizers any invitations for accreditation for the event.

The journalist was denied access for the event giving as a reason absence of accreditation, and also absence of vacant seats in the room. Basenko said that access to the open part of the event was available for all other mass media.

In the end, Iryna Basenko was able to get to the assembly hall where the event was held, but only after the NGO leaders ordered this.

Media lawyer Roman Holovenko said that because the event was organized by non-governmental structure, the law does not establish free access to such events for everyone.

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