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New website of “Chetverta Vlada” started working

On March 1, new website of Rivne information and analytics media outlet “Chetverta Vlada” was launched, which previously suffered from their hosting provider being robbed on February 17, and from arson of their office on February 22. This was reported by chief editor of the media outlet, Volodymyr Torbich, in his Facebook entry.

“First of March. First day of spring. And start of restoration. Good bye, our stolen old website, and welcome, new website “Chetverta Vlada” (created for the founds of the Foundation for Development of Ukrainian mass media). Our thanks to the Foundation officials, Olha Zhyryachenkova and Oleh Pastukhov. In a month or two, we will get back all important information and will work on new investigations. We are also grateful to all our supporters”, Torbich wrote.

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