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Mykolaiv journalist addressed ombudsman due to failure of authorities to provide requested information

Mykolaiv journalist Andriy Lokhmatov complained to the Ukrainian Parliamentary Special Human Rights Commissioner about the vice-head of Mykolaiv Oblast State Administration Vyacheslav Bon’ due to failure to provide the requested information about the business trip of head of Oblast State Administration, Oleksiy Savchenko. Andriy Lokhmatov informed IMI about this.

“Three times I tried to get from Mykolaiv Oblast State Administration information about numerous business trips of Oleksiy Savchenko in 2017. I asked them for concrete information of destination of each trip, but the vice-head Vyacheslav Bon’ every time provided me only general information, not what I requested”, Lokhmatov explained.

Because of this, he filed a complained to the Special Commissioner, requesting her to inspect the case for administrative offences by Mr. Bon’, due to untimely provision of information on request, and filing incomplete information.

Also, the journalist asked the ombudsman to bring the vice head to responsibility, and to bind him to provide the requested information.

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