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Investigators consider death of former journalist and political scientists in traffic accident a murder

The investigators consider the death of four political scientists and a civil activist who died in a traffic accident near Rivne on September 6, a murder. This information was in court resolution as of November 2, published in the register of court judgements, “Priamyi” reports.

Pre-trial investigation established that the driver of DAF truck intentionally caused the collision with the car where political scientists Oleksandr Masliak, Oleksiy Kurinnyi, Oleksandr Nikanorov, Volodymyr Karagiaur, and the Secretary of the Council of Donors for the issues of Decentralization of Ukraine, former vice-head of Donetsk military-and-civil administrration, Serhiy Popov.

The investigators requested from the court access to cell phones and the communications provider information of the suspect, and the court satisfied the request.

The event itself took place on September 6, when the 5 men who were returning from conference  in Warsaw, Poland, died after the collision of their car with DAF truck.

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