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In Zaporizhzhia, unidentified man attacked the cameraman of TV channel Z as he was recording a holiday for children

In Zaporizhzhia, an intoxicated man tried to take from the cameraman of TV channel Z Andriy Sergeyev camera support and the camera and threatened to use violence against his family. The incident took place on September 8 during the video recording of holiday for children, organized by local self-government council members. Andriy Sergeyev reported this to IMI representative in Zaporizka oblast.

According to the journalist, as he was working, a strange man came from behind and started and started grabbing and pulling his camera, and then, his clothes.

In several minutes, the participants of the holiday celebration pulled the man away from the journalist, but the man started to insult the camera operator, to threaten him and his family.

The eyewitnesses called the police, but the police appeared at the site only in half an hour. Andriy Sergeyev filed an official complaint to the police about obstruction to his professional activities.

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