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In Uzhhorod, traffic accident participant impeded journalist’s work and damaged his car

In the city of Uzhhorod (Zakarpatska oblast) a possible participant of a traffic accident was interfering with the correspondent of the online media outlet “Zakarpattya Online,” who was trying to record the event, as the media outlet's website reports.

As the editorial office statement describes it, a blonde woman who was driving the car that got into the accident, stopped the journalist who tried to take some footage of the location in an aggressive manner, and left some scratches on his car.

On the media outlet's Facebook page they ask the readers to identify the woman.

In his commend for IMI, the media outlet's editor-in-chief Oleh Dyba said that the conflict was over, now he clarifies some details of the accident. Also, he did not want to disclose the name of the journalist whose car was damaged.

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