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In Stryi city, entrepreneur injured journalist’s head for published criticism of his work

In the city of Stryi (Lvivska oblast), on November 28, the washing machine repairman beat the administrator of media outlet “Dilovyi Stryi” (“Business Stryi”), which published a material criticizing his work. This was reported to ZAXID.NET by the speaker Stryi Department of National Police, Olha Martyniuk.

In the material published on November 21, the authors wrote that the repairman “takes the machine in and never returns it”, and published his phone numbers. “The entrepreneur came to the office where the journalists who published this material worked, and injured one of the employees”, Olha Martyniuk said.

The victim, Andriy Kypeniak, filed a complaint to the police, and the criminal case was initiated. Before the incident, the repairman in question, Taras Kotrsan, called to the editorial office and demanded to refute the material, threatening to use violence against journalists and their family members. The editorial office staff proposed to come to the office to negotiate about the situation.

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