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In Rivne, journalist was allowed to visit oblast water supply office only after calling police

On November 2 in Rivne, guard of communal enterprise “Rivneoblvodokanal” (government-owned Rivne water supply company) was forbidding the filming crew of TV channel “Inter” to enter and to video record on the territory of the enterprise. This was reported to local IMI representative in Rivnenska oblast by the special correspondent of “Inter” TV channel, Inna Biletska.

According to Biletska, the security guard banned the video recording based on instruction issued by the administration of the enterprise.

The journalist managed to get to building (they wanted to visit the laboratory) of the company only after the police arrived and explained the journalists’ rights to the administration. Even after this, the journalists were not allowed to conduct video recording.

The journalists were investigating the outburst of Hepatitis A in Rivne. they do not plan to file an official complaint against the security guard as “he is just an elderly person following an idiotic instruction”.

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