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In Mykolaiv, the priest of Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) and his parishioners were obstructing journalist recording rally

On September 6 in Mykolaiv, in Korabelnyi district, during the clashes between pro-Ukrainian activists and the parishioners of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy, the latter, with their priest father Bogdan, were obstructing the work of journalist of  online media outlet “” Serhiy Belov. This was reported by IMI representative in Mykolaivska oblast.

The journalist was taking footage of the rally of both pro-Ukrainian activists who were rallying against construction of new church, and also the defenders of the church construction site. Still, the church defenders started pushing the journalist, and the senior priest father Bogdan even tried to grab the camera.

The officer of local police who saw the obstructions to the journalist’s work, did not even say anything to the priest, instead, he asked the journalist to step back, because, as the officer said, provokes people by video recording them.

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