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In Mykolaiv, councilmembers fought over presence of journalists in session hall

On July 7 in Mykolaiv, before the start of the 20th session of Mykolaiv district council, councilmembers Serhiy Protchenko from Oleh Liashko's Radical party and Ruslan Neroda from Bloc of Petro Poroshenko fought over presence of journalist in the session hall, where the session was planned,  NikVesti report.

According to Ruslan Neroda, as a result of the fight his arm was broken. He reported to the media outlet's correspondent that he plans to file a complaint to police.

The conflict started with Protchenko being against the presence in the room of the camera operator of the local media outlet “Vlada hromadam”. He tried to take away the camera, and Ruslan Neroda tried to defend the cameraman – and the fight started.

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