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In Kryvyi Rih, during military excersise, camera operator of “Pershyi Kryvorizkyi” got injured

In Kryvyi Rih, the camera operator of the city online resource “Pershyi Kryvorizkyi” Vyacheslav Volk, who volunteered to play the part of a criminal in the practice exercise so that the journalists could film the choreographed scene, was shot in the neck,  “Pervyi Gorodskoi” reports.

The incident took place on July 6 during the training of non-regulars of Armed Forces in the yard of Saksaganskiy district executive committee office in the city.

The camera operator was shot in the neck by one of the instructors, as the military claim, due to careless weapon handling. Currently he is in the hospital, and his condition is serious due to the wound.

The operative command “East” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on their Facebook page, specified that the instructor who wounded the cameraman, is a volunteer and is not part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The instructor allegedly mishandled his own award weapon.

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