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In Kremenchuk, security guard was obstructing journalist’s attempt to record and pried off her phone from her hands

On September 7 in Kremenchuk, in the premises of PJSC “Poltavaoblenergo”, a security guard of private company “Yavir” was obstructing the journalist of local printed media outlet “Visnyk Kremenchuka” to conduct video recording and was trying to pry off camera from her hands, “Kremenchutska Hazeta” reports.

According to the correspondent, she came to the department of subscribers of the Kremenchuk branch of oblast electricity supplier on request of the local city dwellers who sent a request to the editor’s office. They were complaining about being unable to reconnect their apartment to power supply for the fourth day already.

The journalist introduced herself and showed her journalist ID. The journalist was interviewing officials from administrative department and recording it. At some point, according to her, the security guard appeared. He demanded to stop recording, and then, used force to pry off the phone and throw it on the window-sill.

The journalist called patrol police to the site. Protocol on violation of the law on obstruction to journalist activities was drawn up, and the investigators are now working on official legal identification of the security guard’s actions.

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