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In Kirovohradska oblast, local media outlet office was smashed during burglary

In the urban type village Oleksandrivka (Kirovohradska oblast) at night on the eve of March 3, unidentified people smashed and robbed the editorial office of LLC “RVO “Oleksandrivshchyna”. This was reported bthe chief editor of media outlet Halyna Shevchenko, “Ukraina-Tsentr” reports.

“This happened on Friday night. They pushed out plastic window and got inside. They took almost all equipment: computers, scanner, cameras. They also took     cleaning chemicals and chocolate from our office kiosk”, Shevchenko said.

Also, the thieves threw all the things out of the cabinets and spilled the paint.

In her comments for IMI, Halyna Shevchenko said that she does not think that the goal of the theft was to obstruct journalist activities of the media outlet – according the her, there were several burglaries like this in the city recently, and also, the media outlet did not have any enemies and tried to avoid conflicts.

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