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Hromadske was visited by investigators who demanded to give them materials on Saakashvili case

On October 10 in Kyiv, the editorial office of Hromadske was visited by police investigators who demand access to materials related to events of September 10 at the “Shegyni” checkpoint at the border of Ukraine and Poland. This was reported at the сwebsite of Hromadske.

As the media outlet reports, Halytskyi district court of Lviv city approved the request of investigators to access and take unedited footage of the media outlet related to illegal crossing of the border by Mikheil Saakashvili. The case is made against David Sakvarelidze as the main facilitator of this border crossing.

Saakashvili crossed the Ukrainian border on September 10, when the crowd of supporters carried him across the border, breaking the police and border guards line.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs claims that 11 police officers and 5 border guards were injured during this border crossing. Later it became known that 5 people were detained there.

On September 22, the court  judged Saakashvili guilty of illegal crossing of the border of Ukraine.

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