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At checkpoint near Maryinka, conflict between police and journalists of 1+1 took place

On July 6, at the checkpoint near Maryinka (Donetska oblast), a conflict  took place between police officers and journalist of the central TV channel 1+1. Due to the conflict, the local National police administration initiated an internal investigation. This is reported at the website of Donetska oblast police administration.

Police officers claim that the reason of the conflict was journalists' refusal to undergo the standard check-up procedure.  

However, "Detector News" reports, journalist Natalia Nahorna, claims that the police officers did not properly introduce themselves, did not have badges and fined the driver for 51 hryvnias because his passport was damaged, and, although all other documents were fine, the journalists' documents were taken from them. The real cause of the conflict, according to Natalia, was the fact that the journalists were recording all mentioned violations and the police officers did not like this. Also, she claims that the location where the incident took place was not properly equipped as a checkpoint and that other cars were not even stopped there. 

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