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Activists stopped blocking NewsOne

The activists who were blocking one of the entrances to the office of the TV channel NewsOne in Kyiv, ceased the blockade in the evening on December 4, DW reports, with reference to information of the TV channel.

The protesters removed sandbags and other obastacles that they installed at the entrance to the business center where the office of NewsOne is located.

As IMI reported before, on December 3 in Kyiv, unidentified people wearing balaklavas blocked the entrance to the office of TV channel NewsOne using sandbags and barbed wire.

As the reason they named the words of the channel owner, MP Yevhen Muraev, who, answering the question of his colleague in live broadcast, called the events of the Revolution of Dignity a coup d’etat. Police did not intervene, and the Minister of Internal Affairs appealed to the activists asking them to stop their action.

On December 4, the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting  made a statement in relation to this incident, claiming that it needs more powers in the conditions of hybrid war.

On December 6, the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada for freedom of press and information policy will discuss the issue of blocking of the TV channel NewsOne.

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