In Mykolayiv, during Victory Day events police officer interfered with journalist filming

20:16 10.05.2017

In Mykolayiv, on May 9, a police officer, who did not like that he was being filmed, tried to snatch away the camera of the journalist from the online media outlet “Svidok.Info” Andriy Prokopenko.  This was reported by the representative of IMI in Mykolayivksa oblast.

The incident took place on Soborna Square, the city’s main square, during the mass events to celebrate the Victory Day.

The journalist  was filming the events on the square, when one of the police officers, who were passing by him, grasped the lens of Prokopenko’s camera.

“What for are you provoking me, what for are you filming me? Do you have nothing more interesting to film?,” said the police officer.

When Oleh Dereniuha, journalist of the online media outlet “NikVesti” saw the conflict, he intervened: he asked the police officer whether he considered his behavior acceptable. The Chief of the Chief Department of the National Police in Mykolayivksa oblast Yuriy Moroz saw the incident and approached the site, and the journalists complained to him about his subordinate, at what the conflict was resolved. 

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