Chernivtsi: journalist received an inaccurate response to request about free apartments

14:50 07.04.2017

Chernivtsi City Council gave an inaccurate answer to local journalist Nadiya Virna to her request on issued warrants for apartments.

The journalist received response witn inadequate information about the list of people who received apartments according to the decision of the Executive committee of the Chernivtsi City Council.

Virna wrote an article "Khto v Chernivtsiakh bezkoshtovno otrymue kvartyry" (who gets appartments in Chernivtsi for free?) at the blog site "Ni koruptsii!" (No to corruption) with details and evidance of innacurate and incomplete answers. She is indicating that the Executive Committee decision in excess of four persons and two persons stated erroneously in the list of the City Council.

Nadiya Virna is IMI representative in Chernivtsi oblast and she plans to challenge the provision of inaccurate answers by City Council.

Photo - "Ni koruptsii!"

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