Sushchenko case is in American political agenda - Feygin

12:00 07.04.2017

Case of detained Ukrinform journalist Roman Sushchenko is in the American political agenda. Mark Feygin, the lawyer of journalist Roman Sushchenko, who was illegally arrested in Russia told this to Ukrinform after his working trip to Washington.

"During my visit to Washington, after meetings with senators, congressmen, members of the State Department and the White House, the main thing I have achieved is that all of them began to speak about Sushchenko case, and his case entered their agenda. Now they are working on their position on the case. I hope it will be included into the next State Department report on human rights with reference to its political character and conditionality,"- Feygin said.

According to him, we can expect a number of resolutions on the matter Sushchenko, over time.
"Some resolutions I had made and delivered to the address," - the lawyer noted.
Feygin also said that the Russian authorities have made great efforts to provide the United States with incomplete and incorrectly information about Sushchenko case, in order to sow doubt that the Paris correspondent of Ukrinform is truly international journalist.


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