Police released detained journalist Taras Ibragimov

11:21 07.04.2017

Simferopol (Russian-occupied Crimea) -  journalist Taras Ibragimov and human rights activist Andrii Krysko released. Yesterday (Ed. March 6), agents of the Center for Combating Extremism (Center E) detained them during the raid of the central market of Simferopol and took to the "Center E". Crimean lawyer Djemil Temishev told this to "Krym.Realii". 

He said that arrests were a part of planned measures of IDs checking regime, which Crimean security forces conduct.
"Guys filmed, police came up, arrested the and sent to the police station ... I came ... Police had released them, already after we talked. Andrii Krysko already left the police station, Taras Ibragimov is next to me, at the moment. They are all fine,"- said Djemil Temishev.

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