Odesa journalists faced restrictions in council buildings

13:32 04.04.2017

Representatives of municipal utility "Municipal Guard" did not allow one of the investors and media to pass through turnstile in Odesa City Council on March 30. IMI representative in Odesa oblast reported it.

Some media came along with investors, other journalists came to the meeting of the executive committee, which took place at the same day in the Odesa City Council. Investors orginized picket before the meeting. After the end of picket, protesters together with the media entered the council room, where security held all of them before turnstile for 30 minutes.

TV journalists' "Dumskaya TV" noted that employees of the City Council explained their actions by new safety regulations. 

In the Odesa City Council refute this information and believe that all media wishing to attend the meeting of the Executive Committee, respectively registered and received the agenda, had a chance to enter the committee without any obstacles.

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