"Dostup do pravdy" launches a series of publications about information disposers

16:14 16.03.2017

The online outlet "Dostup do pravdy" (Access to the truth) launches a series of publications on disposers of public information "Who does answer on our requests?". Project Manager - journalist Natalia Patrikyeyeva, outlet "Dostup do pravdy" informs.

The project will collect and analyze information on the size of the public information departments of government and local authorities, the earnings of workers of these departments and their workload.

Desides, there is a plan to present a report on the work of disposers of the public information and interviews about working moments of communication between citizeens and authorities. "The goal of the project is to understand why is communication happen to be ineffective time to time. And who is responsible for ineffectiveness - those who send request or the one who gives the answer? "- outlet notes.

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