In Luhansk, terrorists beat editor of website ‘Politika-2.0’ and robbed its editorial office

00:04 17.07.2014

In Luhansk, unidentified armed men in camouflage robbed the editorial office of the website ‘Politika-2.0’. The gunmen took away computers, photo cameras, video and other equipment from the online media outlet’s office.

According to the outlet’s editor-in-general, Serhiy Sakadynsky, this happened on July 6. The separatists detained the outlet’s journalist, who was making photos on the railway station. They accused her of spying and started to interrogate. She told them about the editorial office and the separatists somehow thought that it was collecting data about those involved in the separatist movement, so they came over to the editorial office, took all equipment, including phones, beat Sakadynsky and took him away, and let him go on the next day -- only after some influential people interfered. The separatists did not give any of the equipment back, so the editorial office has nothing to work on.  

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